Their main export is gold mined from the hills in the northeast. Through a lucrative partnership with Sagos to provide the Sagosians with ocean access in exchange for stiff taxes and unrestricted access for Cinasians up the Ostriellanon River, Cinas has established itself as one of the wealthier nations on Eleusia, rivaled only by Cairhyrst. They have funneled this money into the arcane arts and though the investment has shown little return thus far, recent rumors indicate they may be seeing a sudden payoff in the near future. Either way, they have the largest collection of arcane writings on the continent and are deeply invested in the collection of magical items and tomes.

Political Structure:
Cinas is a bifurcated state ruled by both a multi-racial Parliament, and an Elven sovereign. The elven king Halen Rhothomir rules autonomously over Tir’Halenil, which makes up the northeastern region of Cinas. In addition his court is afforded significant power within the Parliament, amounting to about a 30% share of the voting power. The head of the parliament is Prime Minister Garyn Warrick, who represents the rest of the nation of Cinas. Centuries ago the elves used to rule the untamed wilds of what is now Cinas, but as the other races began to form cities and settle into civilized societies, the elves retreated further and further into the woodlands. In the past 100 years, King Halen made a pact with the Cinasian Parliament and bound the two states together. Since then, Prime Minister Warrick and King Halen have put their shared interest in the arcane arts at the forefront of their public policy, resulting in the founding of Eleusia’s first school of magic, the University Arcanum.

Cinas has a fair sized, but largely superficial standing army. Their main military strength actually comes from Tir’Halenil’s soldiers, who operate as scouts, spies, and rangers along the border. They have been able to eliminate or harry the few forces that have attempted to invade Cinas, making any potential victory far too pyrrhic to be worthwhile. In addition, the defenses Cinas does have in place have many days’ or even weeks’ notice of an advancing threat, giving them plenty of time to prepare.
Cinasian soldiers have been spotted in the forests along the northern border of the state for the past few months. The Mhaldorans and Sagosians immediately began moving to defend against an invasion, but the invasion never came and the latest scouting reports indicate that there is no army in the forests. Meanwhile, isolated reports of Cinasian soldiers in the woodlands continue to come in.

Population Demographics:
40% Elves, 30% Gnomes, 15% Halflings, 10% Tieflings, 2% Humans, 1% Dwarves, 1% Dragonborn, 1% Orcs


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