Quoben Milltall

Gnome Sailor aboard the Gideon's Wake


Quoben is the dashing, roguish elder of the Milltall brothers. He has a long pencil mustache and short goatee, with wild black hair that hangs past his shoulders. He wears a wide-brimmed hat adorned with feathers and dresses even more ridiculously than his younger brother.


Quoben Milltall is a capable Gnome sailor aboard the Gideon’s Wake.

During a game of poker, it quickly became apparent that Quoben is an experienced gambler and was quite adept at poker. He caught on to Zadkiel marking the high cards with preserves, and took care to wipe the cards clean as he picked them up. Simon, Zadkiel, and Tennor convinced him that the preserves were poisonous after coming into contact with paper, frightening the poor gnome. After the party accused Frewinn of cheating, Quoben excused himself from the game as well stating that he didn’t wish to be a part of any further action taken against Frewinn.

Quoben Milltall

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