Kerrig Dirgewailer

Dwarven Sailor/Bard aboard the Gideon's Wake


Kerrig is a hirsute, redheaded dwarf. He’s about 4’2 and about 200 lbs. He has a well-trimmed beard with a thick mustache, and his shaggy hair is short with the exception of two long banded braids that hang down to his waist. His voice is a broad, resonant tenor.


Kerrig Dirgewailer is the official bard of the Gideon’s Wake.

Attended Zadkiel’s lessons but gained little from them.

Kerrig was slain during the defense of the Gideon’s Wake from the yuan-ti. He was later rasied from the dead as a banshee by Amanda when she came searching for Taenia.

Kerrig Dirgewailer

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