Jackson Appleton

Human Sailor on the Gideon's Wake


Jackson is a heavyset human with a thick brown beard. He formerly was rosy-cheeked and jovial, with thick, wavy hair. He now has patchy, short hair from the piece of his scalp that was cut away and he has lost weight. His face is scarred and peaked, and his eyes have heavy bags beneath them from lack of sleep.


Jackson Appleton is a sailor aboard the Gideon’s Wake. He was formerly fairly capable, but nervousness and lack of sleep have rendered him less competent.

Jackson was wounded in the Gideon’s Wake’s first encounter with pirates a few days into their journey. He was nearly killed, but medical attention from Father Simon and Dr. Nicholai kept him alive enough to make a recovery. He now suffers from nightmares and frightens easily, causing him to eat little and sleep less.

Jackson Appleton

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